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Whenever a company needs to move a production machine or any other kind of heavy object, a skilled lift and shift team has to be hired. The team will develop a special project plan for the client’s individual shifting task. An individual strategy has to be devised for every job to ensure the most efficient approach. Every aspect of the payload has to be considered, including it’s weight, dimensions and the locations it is supposed to be shifted to. Such tasks require professional lifting and shifting gear to prevent any damage to the object, but also the lift and shift team. Skilled personnel is needed to handle this type of equipment, since the cargo has to be lifted and shifted with utmost precision. An experienced specialist such as Eisele can provide customers with all these requirements. We have years of experience, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking of new ways to transport goods. Especially when it comes to unconventional projects that require an additional amount of planning.

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Why choose Eisele for lift and shift team?

Our lift and shift team creates an innovative and fitting solution to every project. The ingenuity of our experts along with our cutting edge equipment and machinery allows us to perform any task successfully. Furthermore, we have a complete fleet of vehicles and transport gear to complete any job correctly. The shift of our client’s cargo only begins after we formed a comprehensive plan.

Consequently, avoiding any possible damages or schedule delays. Our equipment varies from cranes, lifts, forklifts and a wide variety of trailer systems. All of our machines make it possible for us to lift and also shift any object. The machinery in our fleet is able to lift and haul loads up to 1.000 Tons. Additionally, we are recognized for our creative way of thinking, thus allowing us to produce a suitable solution for every problem.

Eisele’s variety of products

We offer clients a wide assortment of products as well as services performed by a highly experienced team. We use advanced lifting gear from leading brands. Our product range is comprised of machines, like cranes and lifts and transportation vehicles. The unique All-Terrain lift, which has the largest operating height worldwide, is also part of our range of equipment. The lift is installed on a five axis crane chassis, making it suitable for the most difficult terrain. On top of that, Eisele has numerous vehicles for different payloads. Our hauling equipment is comprised of rail systems, Self-Propelled Modular Transporters and gantry cranes for hauling loads weighing more than 1.000 tons. Moreover, we specialize in transporting and installing glass objects. Our innovative gear allows us to maneuver and install glass precisely and safely. You can always rely on Eisele and our team of professionals. Eisele has continuously been able to rise to any challenge, regardless of how unusual or demanding it may have been. This was only possible with our experienced staff that devises unique plans and even develops special gear for heavy duty lifting and transportation.

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Eisele is part of the Hüffermann Group

Eisele has partnered with the Hüffermann Group. The Hüffermann Group is a network of skilled crane rental and hauling companies. Through our partnership with the group, we can provide our customers with an even wider array of services. The companies Autodienst West Ganske, Hüffermann Krandienst and Thömen deliver a variety of cranes and professional glass installation gear. velsycon builds custom vehicles and interchangeable silo transportation systems.