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Heavy-duty transportation requires developing special solutions for exceptionally heavy cargo. When industrial companies require heavy-duty haulage in cases, such as the transport of production machines or industrial plants. Taking on heavy payloads requires the expertise of an experienced specialist, since the proper equipment is needed to securely transport the heavy cargo. Another reason for contacting a specialist for heavy haulage is the safety of all those involved and of payload itself. Eisele has many years of experience in hauling remarkably heavy loads of different sizes and safely transporting them to our clients desired destination. Eisele is also a well-known engineering expert for custom shipping gear. Our engineering personnel is able to build the right hauling gear for any cargo – despite of how challenging the project may be. Thus, you can trust us with your unique shipment and we will execute your project in the most efficient way possible.

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Why choose Eisele for heavy-duty transport?

We have a long history in transporting heavy cargo of different dimensions and tonnage. Each time we make sure to coordinate the project with a particular attention to detail. We properly secure the payload to ensure the safety of everyone involved. On top of that, we pride ourselves in thinking of unique solutions for difficult projects. Not only do we plan each of our projects with the utmost care, we use our ingenuity to build innovative engineering equipment for the transport of heavy payloads.

We enjoy taking on challenges and coming up with ground breaking solutions to solve them. With the help of advanced technology and the right engineering machines, we are able to provide every customer with a custom piece of equipment for their heavy duty haul. Benefit from our expertise, creativity and state of the art technology and let us construct your hauling gear.

Our range of services

Our extensive assortment of vehicles and machines makes it possible for us to serve every clients hauling needs. We use our up-to-date range of lifts, cranes, forklifts and transportation vehicles to achieve the haul every cargo efficiently. We also have the All-Terrain lift. It’s mounted on a five axis crane chassis, making it extremely stable on the most unstable terrain. Our transportation equipment is comprised of rail systems, Self-Propelled Modular Transporters and gantry cranes for hauling loads weighing more than 1.000 tons. This equipment covers any enormous range of products. Furthermore, we also offer special gear for lifting, positioning and installing glass. Unique glass installation gear allows us to maneuver and install glass precisely and safely – no matter at what height.

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heavy transport
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Eisele as part of a network

Eisele is part of an established range of companies. This network consists of companies in the fields of crane rental and hauling services. The name of this network is Hüffermann Group. Autodienst West Ganske, Hüffermann Krandienst and Thömen deliver a variety of cranes and specialized glass installation gear. velsycon builds custom vehicles and interchangeable silo transportation systems. These companies make it possible for us to offer our customers an even wider array of products and services.