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The jack-up system is a multipoint lifting system. A typical system setup includes four jack-up units positioned under each corner of a load. A four unit setup has an exceptionally high payload lifting ability. The lifting frame of a jack-up contains multiple hydraulic cylinders which lift and stack steel boxes. A load is lifted in increments as boxes are slid into the system, lifted, and stacked; forming ‘lifting towers’. A jack-up system is operated through a computer control unit. Each unit’s lifting and lowering operations occur concurrently; the computer control unit’s synchronous technology maintains the balance of the load. The hydraulics power units are embedded within each unit’s lifting frame. Safe lifting heights are dependent on the expected side load.

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Why should you choose Eisele for jack-up system?

Eisele’s qualified team is capable of executing lifting and transporting projects of a variety of sizes and difficulties effortlessly. Our staff’s creative way of thinking and our cutting edge jack-up systems allow us provide every customer with a suitable solution for every job. Additionally, we provide hauling services for shipments of any kind – even when the cargo is unconventionally large or heavy.

We own an extensive fleet of vehicles and hauling gear for shipping an array of payloads safely. The machinery in our fleet is able to lift and haul loads up to more than a thousand tons. We are able to create a fitting solution to any project that’s out of the ordinary. This even includes building special gear for unconventional hauling projects that require specialized solutions.

Eisele’s variety of products

We provide our customers with jack-up systems and an assortment of further specialized lifting and transportation equipment that allows for the secure handling of even the most unusual cargo. Aside from that, we have the All-Terrain lift in our array of lifts. It can reach a height of over 100 meters and is installed on an remarkably stable crane chassis. This particular lift was built to suit even the harshest terrain while remaining in place. We also have a number of hauling vehicles for different payloads in stock. Our hauling equipment is comprised of rail systems, Self-Propelled Modular Transporters and gantry cranes for hauling loads of even the highest tonnage. We also specialize in the transportation as well as the installation of glass objects. Our state of the art installation gear allows us to maneuver and install glass with the highest precision. Eisele always rises to the occasion. Our fleet of vehicles and equipment isn’t the only reason for our success. Our staff comes up with innovative approaches for unconventional projects. We pride ourselves in being able to create unique solutions for extraordinary hauling projects by coordination project plans and sometimes even building custom hauling gear.

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Eisele is part of the Hüffermann Group

Through our partnership with the Hüffermann Group we can provide our customers with an even wider array of services. The companies Autodienst West Ganske, Hüffermann Krandienst and Thömen deliver a variety of cranes and professional glass installation gear. velsycon builds custom vehicles and interchangeable silo transportation systems.